I’m Jason O’Gorman, from Cork — if you haven’t already guessed

Why Cork? Well, as you know - Cork is the centre of the universe, and I like to celebrate that (established) fact, and explore it though artiness. The Places, the Culture, the Language, the Bells of Shandon, the pints of Murphy’s, the Merries, Blackas, Razza, and every doonchie morsel of craic from both sides of the Lee.

I have a graphic design studio (Dynamite), in Cork of course, which keeps me really busy during the day. I have a fabulous wife and three amazing smallies which keep me even busier. My kids designed my JOG logo, they drew a letter each and I love it.

When the madness of the day is done - I draw stuff. The kind of stuff I’d hang on my own wall - visually intricate, or simple and quirky. The kind of stuff that makes me proud to be a Corkonian when I see it, and brings a smile to my own face. Hopefully a print will bring a smile to yours :-)